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The impact of an uninspiring office on productivity

– 76% of UK office workers say their dated office decreases their productivity. – 50% say their uninspiring office has a negative impact on their mental well-being. – Over 1 in 3 say their dated office has contributed to mental health issues. A new study of 1,000 UK office workers by has revealed that…


Reasons employees don’t always use Employee Assistance Programmes

There are four reasons why employees don’t use EAP’s  and I’ll list them in the most-frequent order: they don’t think it’s confidential they feel there is a stigma for reaching out for help (especially for some men, who see this as a weakness) they think they have to ask permission from their boss or HR…

digital technology

The impact of digital technology on psychological treatments

The treatment of mental health is looking at a whole range of changes going forward. The widespread access to digital technology has seen the creation of many online mental health platforms to enable accessibility to employees and increased engagement. The great majority, currently, of digital mental health platforms offer information and resources along with self…