Recognising Stress Being in paid work is generally a positive experience, however an estimated ten million working days in 2011/12 were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Stress can manifest in a few ways, physical, psychological and behavioural and affects people differently. Work-related stress is the harmful reaction that occurs when people have excessive work demands or expectations placed on them. Recognising when you are unable to manage your stress and when to ask for help is really important. You don't need to cope with stress alone. Here are some general things you can try: Recognising the signs of stress and the causes is a good place to start. Work out what you find stressful and helpful in the workplace. Once you know what works for you, talk to your employer about this. They may be able to make some changes to help you. Try different coping techniques to use as soon as you start to feel pressure building. Everyone is different, it may take time to find a method that works for you. Try the Stress Management Society website for ideas. Try mindfulness. Focusing on the here and now can help you to create space to respond in new ways to situations. The Be Mindful website has tips on how to do this. Look after your physical health. See our pages on physical activity and food and mood for more information on how this can help your mental health.

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