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Workplace mental health improved by counselling

70% of EAP users needed help with mental health problems last year Of the 70% of employees with mental health problems last year, 92% of them reported that their condition improved as a result,  data has revealed. Employee benefits provider Unum’s first ever publication of its user records also indicated that of the 12,610 callers…


Reasons employees don’t always use Employee Assistance Programmes

There are four reasons why employees don’t use EAP’s  and I’ll list them in the most-frequent order: they don’t think it’s confidential they feel there is a stigma for reaching out for help (especially for some men, who see this as a weakness) they think they have to ask permission from their boss or HR…

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Mental health statistics in the workplace

Awareness of mental health and how it impacts every other area of life is growing. Not only in hospitals and schools but also in the workplace. It’s common sense that happier employees will be more loyal, take fewer sick days and will be more focused and productive at work. Research confirms that mental health support…